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  • The Top 5 Trendy Cocktails in NYC

The Top 5 Trendy Cocktails in NYC

July 14, 2017, 8:48 p.m.

The Top 5 Trendy Cocktails in NYC
As the NYC Rooftop Bar experts, we know that NYC is the greatest city. When it comes to a drink lover's heaven, there is no ideal place to taste the most unique cocktails than New York City. All around, New York City has such a large variety of literally everything that you can spend your days out in nature and your evenings out at a luxury saloon. Whether it is your love for Brandi that drinks your taste buds or your desire for something sweet and tasty on a summer evening, these drinks are made to perfection.
The Top 5 Trendy Cocktails in NYC

Satan’s Circus at The Nomad Hotel

When it comes to bridging fine dining and craft cocktail culture, the Nomad Hotel does it’s task with fineness by bringing you an extremely tempting cocktail, Satan’s Circus. Known as one of the most populated areas famous for saloons and brothels in the 19th century, the Nomad was also referred to as Satan’s Circus. Keeping with tradition is the also famous cocktail drink. With a big of cherry heering, old overholt rye and lemon juice, this trendy drink will stay with you for days.

The Top 5 Trendy Cocktails in NYC

Sweet Tea Sour at Brooklyn Star

If you happen to be a sweet tea drinker but desire more of a kick, a punch, and a stir, this is the summer cocktail for you. With a great frothy texture and a sweet and sour dance of sweet tea syrup and lemon juice, this cocktail has a secret ingredient that many would consider quiet different, egg whites. That is right, the eggs you make for breakfast are now in your cocktail drink. Do not let this unique twist deter you from trying out a summer favorite!

The Top 5 Trendy Cocktails in NYC

Japanese Cucumber with Almond at Brushstroke

Who would have thought that cucumber has such a unique best friend that goes by almond? When it comes to trendy and fresh, the Brushstroke delivers a delightful taste bud dance between rich and crisp. The cucumber is muddled to bring out every single tasteful element and then as a compliment, Greenhook gin is the alcohol of choice. Add a bit of almond salt, sea salt, and mix with ground black pepper and you receive a spicy but clean fresh cocktail that will send the trend for the rest of your summer.

The Top 5 Trendy Cocktails in NYC

Cousin Scotty Fails His Driving Test at Chez Sardine

This West Village cocktail joint sure knows how to deliver a kicker drink with a trendy backbone. With this in mind, these specialty cocktails are classics with a modern twist. Take the Manhattan cocktail for example. They substituted granulated or demerara sugar for sake-agave syrup creating a delicious result that is a signature cocktail. But when it comes to cousin Scotty, we can see why he failed his driving test. This uniquely named drink is Johnny Drum Bourbon, Carpano Antica and Angostura Aromatic Bitters. If we were Johnny, we would have never gone home!

When it comes to unique cocktails in the big apple, this summer is filled with trendy places with trendy drinks that will leave a big impression on your taste bids. The real question is, where is your squad and which trendy place are you taking them?

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