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  • The Top 3 Pool Bars in NYC

The Top 3 Pool Bars in NYC

June 10, 2016, 8:40 a.m.

The Top 3 Pool Bars in NYC
Everyone knows it – summer is coming! So what are you planning on doing this year that’s completely different than last year? You are going to live up your summer with all your girlfriends and have fun – right? Well, here’s the situation for ya. I did some research of the best places for you to visit this summer to maximize the fun and minimize the boredom. These places are the top-notch, 5 star and most luxurious places of NYC that not only boast stellar views, but also boast decadent drinks and a swimming pool for you to dip your feet! Intrigued? Let’s dive on into the best pool bars of NYC!
The Top 3 Pool Bars in NYC

Gansevoort Meatpacking

I know most ladies are familiar with the Gansevoort due to Ms. Kardashian but listen up, it’s time for you to really become familiar with it. The Gansevoort is the pinnacle of views, rooftop pools and cocktails with bites. Take your bestie with you or maybe even all your girlfriends for a classy day over at the Gansevoort Meatpacking. I promise you, you will feel so rewarded after all your hard work at the gym this winter once you are lounging around this world-renowned scene.

Where At? 18 9th Avenue

The Top 3 Pool Bars in NYC

The James New York

It’s time for you to not only enjoy the beautiful warm-weather but also bask in a retreat like environment, right? Here at low-key, James New York Pool, you will enjoy a relaxing afternoon with views of the best aspects of Manhattan. Oh – by the way, here at The James New York, they hold some of the best parties during the weekends at their own NYC rooftop bar boasting the name, Jimmy’s Pool Party! Grab your ladies and enjoy some NYC summer air!

27 Grand St.

The Top 3 Pool Bars in NYC

La Piscine at Hotel Americano

The summer party starts here! Now, if you are seeking the best views of Manhattan, the best pool bar scene in NYC and delicious food – you better have your Celine bag ready for this one. While it’s only a cost of $40 to get in, once you are here, you won’t want to leave. You are going to want to buy your drinks, your friends drinks and food to last the entire day! While basking in the sun sipping on your delicious cocktail, you will be on cloud 9 here at Hotel Americano. If you are willing to take the next step up, look at booking a room and truly enjoy the summer experience!

Where At? 518 W 27th S, hotel-americano.com

Reality Check!

The reality resides that there are hundreds of rooftop bars in NYC with pools that are honestly quite stunning but there is only a few that truly deserve to be on the list. The three that you learned about here are the pinnacle of experiences in NYC when it comes to pool experiences and the opportunity to sip a cocktail at the same time. Check out these three this summer and they are guaranteed to be yours and all your girlfriends hot spots this summer!

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