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  • The Best Theatres in NYC That Serve Alcohol

The Best Theatres in NYC That Serve Alcohol

July 17, 2017, 11:34 a.m.

The Best Theatres in NYC That Serve Alcohol
One of the many pleasures of an at-home movie other than sitting around in your pajamas is the fact that you can have a glass of wine or two with your popcorn. Now, more full-service cinemas are serving alcohol than ever before, allowing you to order a glass and enjoy your favorite flick. Step into one of these alcohol serving movie theaters and get ready for lights, camera, and drink! ...Responsibly, of course.
The Best Theatres in NYC That Serve Alcohol


Known as the original alcohol-serving movie theater, this Williamsburg, Brooklyn theater is a fan favorite and often jammed packed. Order a beer or some wine and chow down on some chicken sandwiches or octopus ceviche while watching your favorite movie. This theater also offers unique events like midnight movie screenings and a carton and alcohol lover’s dream, spoons, toons & booze, where you can pair your favorite classic Saturday morning cartoons with bowls of spiked cereal. How about that?

The Best Theatres in NYC That Serve Alcohol


With a menu of authentic American food and drinks, you can either grab a table, stool at the 30-seat bar, or buy tickets to one of their classic movie screenings. With option three, they actually bring your drink and food to you in the theater. Enjoy Clueless or Jaws during your utensil-free menu while chowing down on some cheesy tater tots or pulled pork sliders. As your drink, enjoy a movie-themed cocktail and for dessert, try the Adult Milkshake where caramel corn meets dark rum.

The Best Theatres in NYC That Serve Alcohol

iPic Fulton Market

If you desire a more upscale movie experience where you can sip your favorite glass of wine or a unique cocktail, then this South Street Seaport movie theater is waiting for you. Enjoy sitting in plush recliners with blankets, pillows and complimentary popcorn. In retrospect, the movie ticket is $28 dollar but the amenities are completely worth it. Enjoy an old fashion cocktail with some filet mignon sliders and drift into the world of The Godfather as you sink your body into their comfortable recliners. This movie theater feels more like a private luxury screening than a packed theater of drinking 21 year olds.

The Best Theatres in NYC That Serve Alcohol

Videology Bar & Cinema

This is where modern ingenuity meets old-world charm. Videology, to Brooklyn natives, is a memory of an old neighborhood video store. Well, as Netflix came into the movie game they switched their business model to something that will never go out of style, alcohol. Now, Videology is a full-service bar where you can order food and drinks in their 40-seat screening room as you watch their daily presentation. Enjoy the classic flick, Pulp Fiction or Arrested Development as you water down some spicy buffalo hot dogs with one of their classic signature cocktails. This movie-screening bar is known for their friendliness, classic drinks, and quality service.

Whether you watch to enjoy your movie movie pictures or want to go on a classic date with a twist, these alcohol-serving movie theaters are perfect for every above the age of 21. Drink responsible and enjoy your film!

By the NYC Rooftop Bar Crawl Team

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