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The Best Rooftop Bars of Atlanta

April 2, 2018, 5:43 p.m.

The Best Rooftop Bars of Atlanta
If you happen to be visiting the Peach State or are a local wanting a tasty summer drink, these must-see rooftop bars in Atlanta are sure to please your every desire. With a medley of delicious drinks, beautiful views and knowledgeable staff, these bars are known as some of the premier rooftop bars of Atlanta. If you are looking to wine and dine in a luxury setting overlooking the city lights, wanting to sip and sit over historic district, or desire a relaxing ambient vibe with while on a date, you are sure to find your next rooftop bar on this list. Let’s dive into the best rooftop bars of Atlanta and what makes them unique, special, and worth your time.
The Best Rooftop Bars of Atlanta

The Garden at Community Smith

If you are new to Midtown Atlanta, it is a must place to see on your bucket list if you are looking for an artsy district with a city vibe that is sure to leave an impression. Now, the Garden at Community Smith is known as one of the premier and most beautiful rooftop bars in Atlanta. Formerly known as Rooftop 866, this garden-style rooftop bar offers a beautiful view of the city while surrounded by a variety of trees, plants, and flowers. It is known as “The Garden” for a reason!

Sit and relax in their dark wicker style lounge seating and enjoy one of their speciality drinks while the sun peaks into the distance, leaving a hue of orange and purple in the sky. Think of this as your own private garden terrace, where the drinks are delicious, the staff is friendly, and the views are exceptional.

The Must Have Drinks: If you desire a tangy twist, try their Old Fashioned with Jim beam rye, orange bitters, and sugar. If you desire a more classic drink to enjoy a classic city view, nothing tastes better than their Trinity Oaks, California Chardonnay.

The Best Rooftop Bars of Atlanta


The city of Atlanta was pleasantly surprised when this Charleston original came to the Peach state. O-ku, an infamous Charleston Japanese restaurant and bar is now known as one of the best rooftop bars in Atlanta to go see. This second-floor rooftop bar is not a high rise but features views that are unmatched by many contenders. Enjoy a skyline Atlanta sunset while lounging on their oversized couches. With simple decorum, hanging mood lighting, and slabs of reclaimed wood as tables, the centre-piece of this rooftop bar is the view and the drinks.

The Must Have Drinks: Of course, as a Japanese restaurant, you can enjoy a cup of Sake. However, if you are feeling courageous the El Diablo cocktail is sure to help you enjoy the skyline a bit more. With tequila, ginger beer, lime, and cassis, this speciality cocktail is a fan favourite among O-Ku regulars.

The Best Rooftop Bars of Atlanta


SkyLounge is not only known in Atlanta as one of the most premier and luxurious rooftop bars, it is known World-wide. If you are visiting Atlanta and are looking for sophisticated refinement on top one of the most famous hotels in the world, SkyLounge is sure to fulfil your needs. This rooftop bar is situated above the Glenn Hotel, a Marriott Autograph Collection of Hotels, in the midst of Atlanta’s luxury business and entertainment district, Centennial Park District.

Peaking among the clouds, SkyLounge offers a relaxing dinner like setting with bar-stool seating, lounging couches, and glass railings to not obstruct any of the views. Peak over Centennial Park and you will notice Philips Arena and other beautiful Atlanta points of interest. Of course, nothing beats the view. Dressing formal casual is the attire of the evening, but, you cannot miss the most important accessory of all, a delicious SkyLounge signature drink.

The Must Have Drinks: The Glenntini is known as the cocktail of the evening, a delightful mixture of infused Vodka and cucumber. However, if you are feeling simple, a glass of red wine will add to the classic feel of this luxury rooftop bar.

The Best Rooftop Bars of Atlanta

Whiskey Blue

The W Hotel has carried its weight as being one of the most prestigious and sought-after places of rest. Therefore, it is no surprise that the W hotel as an adjoining rooftop bar. The Whiskey Blue rooftop bar in Atlanta is known as one of the most beautiful, luxurious, and sought after rooftop bars in the area. Sitting 125 feet above Atlanta's streets, this rooftop bar is known as the place to relax.

With leather lounge couches sitting between an array of curtains, you can either ask for privacy or join the party next door. If you prefer to sit closer to the edge, private seating offers a relaxing ambience nestled between green foliage while also enjoying unencumbered views of the city lights. You are 125 feet in the sky. With this in mind, this rooftop bar tends to be quiet busy, therefore, make reservations in advance.

The Must Have Drinks: With a beautiful view such as this, nothing is cooler on a summer day than you and a mojito. However, as the name implies, there is a large variety of whiskey if you are feeling traditional.

The Best Rooftop Bars of Atlanta

The Regent Cocktail Club

If there is one area of Atlanta that is known for refinement, old-world luxury, and pure class, it is Buckhead. Therefore, it is no surprise that Buckhead boasts one of the most luxurious, relaxing, beautiful, and inviting rooftop bars. Sitting above the American Cut steakhouse, an elevator ride away ascends you to The Regent Cocktail Club. Here, the floor is made of concrete, the vibe is the old-world modern charm, and the decorum gives credit to Restoration Hardware.

Whether you are sitting on one of their indoor leather tufted couches, or outdoor seating, this indoor/outdoor rooftop bar features views from all vicinities. This historic rooftop bar gives credit to a midcentury Miami South Beach original that dates back to the 1920’s.

Glance over the hedge ledges to peak into the Buckhead crowd or gaze south for a beautiful skyline view of midtown. Whether facing left, or right, this classic cocktail venue is the place to visit when you are wanting charm, class, and a delicious cocktail.

The Must-Have Drink: At The Regent Cocktail Club the Black Dahlia is known as the drink of the evening. With Tito’s, Elderflower, blackberry and lime, nothing beats this fruity medley of flavour. However, the house punch is as equally inviting, with a blend of raspberry, almond liqueurs, citrus juice, sparkling wine and Absolut’s Elyx vodka.

The Best Rooftop Bars of Atlanta

The Atlanta Rooftop Bar For You

If you are visiting the Peach state and are looking for a night out with company or simply want to try a change of venue, nothing beats a delicious drink with a skyline view. These five signature rooftop bars in Atlanta offer unencumbered views of the city, delicious drinks, friendly and beautiful ambience, and if you get hungry, meals to serve any appetite.

Visiting a new city has plenty to offer, and if you are a local looking for somewhere new to explore, these rooftop bars are right in your backyard. Of course, there are plenty other rooftop bars in Atlanta, here are a couple honourable mentions.

Little Five Points Corner Tavern – A small and quaint rooftop tavern with a large selection of craft beers and drinks.

Republic Social House – Grant Park pub with wooden banquettes and views of Memorial Drive. However, it is the creative bar drinks and plates that are worth the try.

Shake Shack – This Buckhead outpost offers a solid rooftop deck modelled after the NYC burger chain.
Wetbar – Atop the W Downtown, this all-weather pool bar offers plenty of seating space, delicious drinks, and of course, an eye-catching and stunning panoramic Downtown view.

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