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  • The Best Places To Picnic in NYC

The Best Places To Picnic in NYC

July 2, 2017, 9:06 p.m.

The Best Places To Picnic in NYC
When it comes to enjoying a summer day in NYC, there is no better way to spend it then on a picnic. Enjoy the beauty of NYC at some of these historic, beautiful, relaxing, and always adventurous parks where you can climb, read a book, walk your dog and much more. Either way, bring a snack and get ready to picnic in the best places of NYC.
The Best Places To Picnic in NYC

The Great Lawn at Central Park

Of course this one comes first on the list! When it comes to one of the most gorgeous picnic areas not just in New York but in the United States, Central Park is competing for the #1 spot. Boasting from 79th Street to 85th Street, the Great Lawn is known among tourists and locals as the best picnic spot in all of NYC.

The Best Places To Picnic in NYC

Little Red Lighthouse at Fort Washington Park

If you desire to have a delicious picnic near one of the most historic parts of NYC, visit the Little Red Lighthouse under the George Washing Bridge. The Lighthouse was installed in 1921 and standing at only 40 ft tall, it has become a picnic spot for many due to the picnic tables right next to the river. You can even enjoy a tour of the lighthouse after your picnic, just call ahead.

The Best Places To Picnic in NYC

Washington Square Park

Known for the many fairs, festivals, and events throughout the year, Washington Square Park is always popular for picnics. Join The many New York University students that visit Washington Square Park during finals week to study and enjoy a bit of relaxation time. Find a spot near the fountain and enjoy your picnic.

The Best Places To Picnic in NYC

The Greenbelt: Moses Mountain

If you want a beautiful place to enjoy beautiful views of the harbor while enjoying a picnic, Moses Mountain has it all. Fun fact about Moses Mountain: it was actually made out of boulders from what used to be a mountain, to make room for a highway. Therefore, the boulders created a mound that allow you to enjoy a picnic with a view. Take this from the NYC Rooftop Bar experts, this is a must visit picnic place this summer!

The Best Places To Picnic in NYC

Husdon River Park: Pier 63

If you want a picnic with the view of the waterfront, Hudson River Park offers the perfect location. Located on Pier 63 in Chelsea, feel free to bring the dog and the kids because next door is the Chelsea Sports and Entertainment Complex which boasts every possible fun game the family can enjoy plus an iconic carousel that cannot be missed. This is easily one of Rooftop Crawls' favorite areas.

The Best Places To Picnic in NYC

Madison Square Park

Known as one of the busiest parks in NYC, Madison Square park is a smaller park always boasting with a lot of people. Bring a blanket and sit near the rock by 24th Street and enjoy basking by some shady trees and watching the dogs play. This park may be busy, but where there is busy life you can sometimes find the most relaxing moments.

This summer enjoy NYC at one of these special picnic spots. Whether you want busy and full of life or relaxing with a water view, NYC has the picnic area for you.

By NYC Rooftop Bar Crawl

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