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  • Rooftop Crawls Top 5 Summer Cocktails

Rooftop Crawls Top 5 Summer Cocktails

July 15, 2017, 11:13 a.m.

Rooftop Crawls Top 5 Summer Cocktails
Summer to many people means beach, sunny days, tanning, and of course a bit of safe drinking. As your NYC Rooftop Bar experts, it's natural that we would bring you the best summer cocktails you need to try in NYC. It would not be a proper rooftop crawl party if you did not have a candy looking cocktail in your hand. Let’s begin, shall we?
Rooftop Crawls Top 5 Summer Cocktails

Tahitian Coffee for Two At Slowly Shirley

This buzz-boosting taste of paradise is perfect for you and one more. Well, after you have a sip you might want it all to yourself. Get to know the island life with rum, coffee, and tropical fruit crushed over ice in a beaker-like coffee glass. You may notice a slight hint of guava nectar, orange juice, and passion-fruit as you hear the island-drums beating in your ear. Sweetened with honey make this a sweet delight for two!

Rooftop Crawls Top 5 Summer Cocktails

Applejack Sazerac at Prime Meats

Needless to say, meat takes center stage at Prime Meats, but if you desire a great companion head over to the mixers bar. Their artisan-like barkeepers will create you an authentic beverage with a kick. This Applejack Sazerac is an apple brandy lovers dream with a hint of maple syrup. Something sweet and tasty to go along your filet mignon.

Rooftop Crawls Top 5 Summer Cocktails

Gun Metal Blue At Porchlight

Head over to Chelsea and try the very first bar and restaurant from mogul Danny Meyer. The rustic, reclaimed-wood bar serves a taste of redefined originality. Each drink is unlike any other drink in New York City, redefining the conventional cocktail; such as this delicious, curacao and peach brandy blue oasis – the Gun Metal Blue. As your NYC Rooftop Bar experts, this is a must-try beverage this summer.

Rooftop Crawls Top 5 Summer Cocktails

Carondelet at Maison Premiere

When it comes to luxury redefined, this shrine of oysters and absinthe showcase Joshua Boissy’s creative-mind in a way never seen before in NYC. Green walls and faux patina showcase a gorgeous salon filled with 18th-century Victorian glamour. Nothing is more refined than sitting in the back garden over a dimly lit canopy drinking their infamous, Carondelet. This gin, orange-flower water and citrus delight permit us to enjoy the finer things in life. A bit of Maldon salt added into the mix and you have a summer cocktail you must try.

Rooftop Crawls Top 5 Summer Cocktails

Red Snapper at King Cole Bar

Bloody Mary has been known as one of the most delicious drinks to many cocktail fans. Yet, in 1934, at St. Regis’s King Cole Bar, the name had been thought of as to brash and vulgar. Shortly after, the Bloody Mary was born as the Red Snapper. With over eight decades, the bar’s signature drink is as authentic as the tomatoes that were used in 1934 to create it. Rich tomato, cayenne pepper leaves, a thick lemon wedge, and obviously, a lot of alcohol, make this drink a true NYC signature cocktail.

New York City is known as the largest city in the U.S. with the most variety when it comes to food, things to do, and places to visit. Yet, one thing rings true and has been through the years – when it comes to summer, a cocktail is in order!

From the NYC Rooftop Bar Crawl Team

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