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Rooftop Bars vs. Regular Bars

May 16, 2016, 8 a.m.

Rooftop Bars vs. Regular Bars
Rooftop Bars Vs Regular Bars
Here’s the deal, its 7 PM at night and all of your friends are getting together for a fun-time out tonight right? After the hours of group text messages, you were the one designated to decide what kind of bar the group heads out to tonight; Rooftop Bar or a regular bar. What a conundrum right? You have no idea what to do and what direction to take. In a panic, you take up Seri on an offer to find out the differences between rooftop bars and regular bars so you can decide what’s better. Lucky for you, you were sent here and you are about to learn all the answer you have been looking for.
Rooftop Bars vs. Regular Bars

Regular Bars

Regular bars. Hmm. Listen to that name, Regular. What kind of thoughts do you have when you think of the word regular? Normal, average, nothing special, right? Well that’s sort of how regular bars are. They are nothing special, unless you go out of your way to a special location and a special bar; however, if you prefer to keep your bank above zero, you might want to stay away from those locations. I mean ask yourself, is a $20 drink really worth $20 if you can get the same drink but with more love from a better location? What if I were to tell you that better location was matched with a view that was second to none and paired with breathtaking experiences. While regular bars are good for the basic conversation and boring nights, they really can’t match its competition of Rooftop Bars.

Rooftop Bars vs. Regular Bars

Rooftop Bars

Can you sense the direction that this article is going? Rooftop bars are it! They are the next best thing. They are actually becoming a city-wide trend and many people across the world are flooding to the major cities to check on the best of the best of rooftop bars. At rooftop bars, on top of great food and great drinks, they attract great company. At these locations, expect great conversation, abundance in the drinks and a wealth of luxury around you. At the same time, if you take the time to look beyond the bar at the rooftop bars, you are gazing at spectacular city views that will take your breath away. We are talking spectacular lights, sounds, smells – everything that a city has to offer. Upon taking your first sip, you will understand the truth beyond why Alicia Keys spent several minutes singing all about New York City. It’s simple, it’s easy, it’s Rooftop Bars folks.

The Answer is Simple

The answer is simple, with a rise in popularity and trendy nature, when are you going to decide to head over to a rooftop bar? I presume that the reason why you are in the debacle in the first place is because you’ve never been to a rooftop bar before. The reality is once you go to a rooftop bar, you never look back, it’s that simple. Views, conversation, food, laughter, abundance – what else do you need?

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