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NYC’s Top Secret Rooftop Bars

April 6, 2015, 2:34 p.m.

NYC’s Top Secret Rooftop Bars
Operation Rooftop NYC
Before you head into NYC for the weekend on business or pleasure, you should know some of the best-kept secrets the big apple is holding. Just like in the restaurant business, some of the city’s best parties are found in the less marketed locations. Although a rooftop bar outing may sound pretentious, the old saying is true, “you get what you pay for” particularly when it comes down to having a great time. Pamper yourself! You deserve the very best. NYC has some secluded venues that are keeping the nightlife action at the top of the radar. So whether you’re looking for a fancy time with an amazing view of the city line or a more casual outing, we have the NYC rooftop bars to indulge you. Here are 3 top choices:
NYC’s Top Secret Rooftop Bars

Ava Lounge

Ava Lounge comes in at the very top of the best top secret rooftop bar in NYC! This posh bar

stands at the very top of the fabulous Dream Hotel and overlooks The Hudson River and Time

Square. This venue is exactly the type of place you must absolutely experience when you want

to know what a rooftop bar is. You get the full NYC experience, scenic views, great service,

incredible ambiance, and first class people! This venue is sure to appeal to any tourist or local

professional looking to have a memorable night.

NYC’s Top Secret Rooftop Bars

Gallow Green Rooftop

Gallow Green located in the heart of Chelsea at the head of the McKittrick Hotel is the most

enchanting rooftop bar in the city. The topiary décor and energy at this venue gives off a feeling

of a scene out of the most romantic movie you’ve ever seen. The lighted bar just invites you to

spoil yourself with their top-shelf liquor while you mingle with some of New York’s finest people.

NYC’s Top Secret Rooftop Bars

Skylark Rooftop

The Skylark bar and lounge has quickly become one of the top favorite rooftop bars in NYC. It is

one of the cities premier venues offering classy cocktails in an open terrace. If you’re into the

glamour & glitz scene, this is most definitely the place for you to spend an unforgettable night

amongst the most alluring and elegant folks in the empire state.

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