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How to Budget When Going Out For Drinks

March 30, 2017, 6:43 a.m.

How to Budget When Going Out For Drinks
You are about to get off work and that stretch of time, which feels as if it is going by extremely slow, is happening. You are ready to get off work! Why? It is Friday night and tonight you are going out for drinks with a couple friends. What are you in the mood for? A delicious fruity cocktail, maybe a glass of a big and bold red wine, how about a beer? No matter your taste buds, it is going to be a great night. Now, what if you are being budget conscious and realize you only want to spend so much on drinks because you know, you can blow this whole week’s paycheck on a good night out. Well, let's talks about budgeting your drinks this evening! Is Your Squad Go Hard or Go Home –
How to Budget When Going Out For Drinks

Get to Know Your Venue –

You have to think of the people you will be grabbing your drinks with. If your squad - friends, are the go hard kind of friends, you can easily find yourself calling an Uber home after seven cocktails and a couple random numbers written on your arm. Therefore, think of your squad. If your squad is the type that enjoys relaxing conversation and one or two glasses, then you'll be seeing a much more budget friendly bill. Either way, it is up to you to have self-awareness and call it quits when you need to.

How to Budget When Going Out For Drinks

Talk to Your Taste Buds –

If you are going to a five-star bar in the prime areas of Manhattan or Beverly Hills, you can easily expect a heavy bill for your drink menu. Therefore, it is good to know the bar, restaurant, club, or drink venue you will be going to. Get to know the menu and create a better plan a head of time for what your desired drink will be.

How to Budget When Going Out For Drinks

Drink responsibly, and don't order gold leaf covered cocktails!

Yes, get to know your taste buds. What are you craving this evening? You can expect that craving a gold-topped peach cocktail will be slightly more expensive than a delicious sweet red wine. Therefore, have an idea in mind before you see the menu of exactly what you desire and test out the pricing range. Also, do not give in to temptation unless you know you want to go out of your budget. When you are enjoying a delicious drink, after a couple, all worries go out the window and you want to order that one special drink with a diamond in the middle that cost $16,000. Make sure you think about it first!
A delicious, fun, enjoyable night with friends does not have to reach out of your budget. Hey, it’s simple! Know where to go, what you are ordering, and make sure you enjoy who you are ordering it with. One of your best acquaintances when it comes to staying under budget at the bar is letting the bartender know or your friends. Set a limit and stick to it!

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