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Do's and Dont's of online dating

May 19, 2015, 10:44 p.m.

Do's and Dont's of online dating
With online dating being so prominent in today’s cyber world, there are so many red flags people should look out for. You never know who you’re REALLY talking to on the other end of that device so keep the following rules for online dating in mind when you’re looking to meet your next “other half” online. The Do’s & Don’ts of online dating:

DO use an honest and recent photo of yourself. Whether you’re looking for Mr. or Mrs. Right or Mr. or Mrs. right now, neither prospect will want to further a relationship with you if you’re not what they were attracted to in the first place. Yes, most people will tell you that “looks don’t matter” but they do and you’ll find out in a very obnoxious way that fooling people with your picture is only going to bring a negative result.

DON’T get drawn in by overused corny profile statements like “Looking to spoil my next woman with flowers and expensive dinner.” People who say what they’re looking to spoil you with, literally means they have little to no dating experience. If they do, they’re not splendid experiences. That may be the reason they’re veterans on specific websites.

DO learn the online vocab! For instance:

The person says they’re cuddly. Definition: The might have a few extra pounds.

The person says they’re handsome: Definition: They live with their Mother or are married.

The person says they’re the VP of Strategic Planning. Definition: They’re unemployed or starting business number 12 from their home.

DON’T let anyone know your address or even the city you live in that could lead to some awful surprises. Besides the fact that you don’t know if you’re speaking to a serial killer, you don’t want someone who is obsessive and might stalk your life after you’ve declined pursuing anything any further.

DO sharpen your math skills when browsing through the details of a profile. For example:

• Make sure to reduce their height by three inches.
• Multiply their weight by two.
• Divide their income by two.
• Add ten years to their age.

DON’T spend more than a couple of weeks writing back and forth. Once you’ve decided this person is of interest, move the courting to a phone call. Why waste anymore time? If this person is a real prospect, then you should be meeting in less than one month’s time. That means a couple of weeks of talking online, a week or so by phone, and then meet in a public place for the face to face.

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