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Commonly Asked Questions and Guidelines

Jan. 2, 2017, 12:49 p.m.

Commonly Asked Questions and Guidelines
NYC is truly the greatest city in the world. Here at Rooftop Crawl, we are extremely excited to crawl and show you what NYC is made of. There is such a unique feeling when you are standing on top of the entire city. Are you prepared? Well, just to make sure, there are a couple of things we are going to run by you. Whether you are a newbie crawler or a veteran, it’s important to always remember the guidelines and what to expect. To help you, we have generated a list of commonly asked question and guidelines to help you in preparing for your crawl this year.
Commonly Asked Questions and Guidelines

What Can YOU Expect from Your Crawl?

If you are a new crawler, or an experienced crawler, there is so much to look forward to. With each crawl and tour, we are going to tour three of the BEST and most RESPECTED rooftop bars in all of NYC. This is an adventure of a lifetime and we hope you are excited. To help prepare you, here are a couple of things you can expect:

• On the morning of your crawl, you are going to receive a text message or an email with all your tour information.
• Once you arrive early to check-in and provide proper identification, you will be given wristbands for all members of your group. To participate, everyone must have a wrist-band.
• Since we are going to tour different rooftop bars, on your crawl, it’s recommend pacing yourself and drink plenty of water.

Commonly Asked Questions and Guidelines

Important Crawler Guidelines

There are a couple of other guidelines that are worth mentioning to make sure that your night is set up for perfection. To help you out, we have collected a list of the commonly asked questions we hear every year.

How old must I be?

If you plan to crawl, you must be at least 21 years or older to enter. Don’t even try to enter with a false identification. You will not gain entry pre-crawler.

Should I bring a second ID?

Of course! It does not hurt to bring two identifications for the sign-in.

What if I do not get a text or email during the hour?

While this might happen in a rare case, we do take communication very seriously. If you find yourself in this situation, find one of the Rooftop Crawl staff members and give them your contact information. If you are familiar with a fellow crawler, you can also stick with them.

How will we be traveling from one rooftop to the next?

There are multiple ways that Rooftop Crawl travels. We will use either Uber, Lyft or a private bus. You will receive instructions the day of the event with transportation details.

Can we stay at a rooftop if we like it?

Of course! You may stay as long as you like; however, you will miss the transportation and drink specials if applicable.

What happens if my friend comes later?

It is imperative to make sure the individual who bought the tickets registers at check in on time. This person is responsible for getting the wristbands for their group. If your friend might be late, be sure to plan accordingly.

How do I know which rooftops are in my tour?

We made the entire process easier than ever. You will receive the tour through a text message as you visit each stop.

Can I take photos?

Of course! You are going to be a top some of the most respected rooftop bars in all of NYC. Take pictures and please tag us, #RooftopCrawl.

Can a friend who does not have a ticket join me?

There is a reason why we have a check-in policy. We plan accordingly to follow and meet the capacities of each venue. Unfortunately, we only offer wristbands for entry to those that are registered in advanced and counted for.

Why would I be denied access?

Each venue has their own stipulations and may deny access for any of the reasons: aggressive behavior, Dress code (please adhere to Rooftop Crawl’s dress code), improper identification, intoxication, rude or rowdy behavior, or underage.

Commonly Asked Questions and Guidelines

The Best Rooftop Crawl Season Yet

As we said before, this years will be the best Rooftop Crawl season yet – and we are excited. To make sure you are prepared and ready-to-go, be sure to read over all of the questions and answers in this post. If you are not sure and still have any questions, please feel free to contact us at www.rooftopcrawl.com.

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