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Coffee Stores That Sell Alcohol That Aren’t Starbucks

July 15, 2016, 4:49 p.m.

Coffee Stores That Sell Alcohol That Aren’t Starbucks
You know every girl loves her cup of coffee. It’s one of those things that while you are walking around NYC from meeting to meeting or maybe even hanging out with your girlfriend, you need your cup of coffee. Right? Well, just like every girl needs her cup of coffee, ever girl cherishes her delicious and luxurious cup of wine too. NYC girls love it! Now there is a new trend happening in America and it’s all due to the coffee stores knowing what the ladies want: coffee and alcohol, it’s true! Better yet, it’s coming to you! Coffee stores have learned what girls love and began to sell coffee and luxurious alcoholic beverages. It’s a trend that is sweeping the nation and for you we have the Top 5 Coffee Stores That Sell Alcohol That Aren’t Starbucks in NYC.
Coffee Stores That Sell Alcohol That Aren’t Starbucks

1. French Roast Uptown and Downtown

Regardless of which location you choose, you are getting the best of both worlds: coffee and alcohol. French Roast is a luxurious coffee bar that sells a little bit of everything. If you are seeking coffee, snacks, wine, cocktails or even some beer – guess what ladies, French Roast has got you covered! Plus they got you covered twice with their over the top Happy Hour menu. Just saying, you are paying for a cute little experience with your girlfriends or maybe even a date here on top of delicious drinks that are rated in the top 10 in the entire city of NYC.


2340 Broadway @ 85th Street, New York, NY

78 West 11th Street, New York, NY

Coffee Stores That Sell Alcohol That Aren’t Starbucks

2. Viand Coffee Shop of 61st Street

Okay ladies, this is a must-try place if you have not gotten the chance to drink here before. With top of the line service, amazing snacks and food, on top of the best coffee in New York City, Viand Coffee Shop is a must-go. Oh wait, on top of this all, they sell alcohol – for relatively cheap too! I mean we are talking under $5 for imported and domestic beers and under $4 for a glass of wine. If you are looking for a recommendation, try the Iced Caramil Cappuccino – it’s a five-star delicacy!

673 Madison Avenue, New York City, NYC

Coffee Stores That Sell Alcohol That Aren’t Starbucks

3. Zibetto Espresso Bar

Out of the entire list, this one may just be my favorite. This is the topic of experience ladies that you don’t want to forget to wear your red bottoms or maybe even make sure that your shoes match your bag – you will want to walk in fabulous and walk out fabulous. In my opinion – actually – you should wear this attitude everyday no matter where you’re going. Nails did, hair did, make-up did, dressed to the nines – right? Here at the beautiful Zibetto Espresso Bar, you can get some of the most luxurious Italian styled drinks and snacks as you fan your beautiful painted nails in the air. If you get the chance, try the Vino rosso or Prosecco – it’s flawless.

1221 6th Avenue, New York, NY

501 5th Ave New York, NY

1385 6th Ave

Corner of 56th Street

New York, NY

Coffee Stores That Sell Alcohol That Aren’t Starbucks

4. 2beans

Next up on the list of coffee stores that sell alcohol that aren’t Starbucks in NYC is: 2beans! If you have not heard of this place yet it’s because you don’t travel around the city enough. Grab your Louis and let’s go! This beautiful and decadent coffee and chocolate bar is ready to steal your taste buds! Here at 2beans, they boast to be the only store to truly enjoy authentic European Coffee and at the same time mix together chocolate and luxurious world-wide wines. If you want to take a try to Europe and a pitstop in New Zealand, head over to 2beans with your girlfriends! What are you waiting for? There are several locations that you can go to!

Corner of 57th and 58th and 8th Ave

Park Avenue – 254 Park Avenue South

The Upper West – 461 Amsterdam Avenue

Coffee Stores That Sell Alcohol That Aren’t Starbucks

5. Kobrick Coffee

The last best coffee store that sells alcohol that is not Starbucks in NYC is Kobrick Coffee Co! I am sure you have heard about this one – it’s quite infamous. If you haven’t, again, girl you need to get out of the house. Stop watching your Real House Wives or The Bachelorette and tour the city! Anyways, here at Kobrick Coffee, they have mastered the ability to pair their luxurious and tasty coffee with a brunch menu that perfectly complements their coffees and dinner menu as well. On top of this, they also composed some of the best cocktail concoctions you probably have thought of or drank before. In my opinion, stop by Kobrick Coffee with your ladies to kick of your next Rooftop Crawl experience!

24 9th Ave, New York, NY

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