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Best Rooftop Bars of Miami

March 26, 2018, 12:53 p.m.

Best Rooftop Bars of Miami
When it comes to the beautiful state of Florida, there is one city that everyone dreams of visiting for their spring break: Miami. Known as the Magic City, Miami offers an essence of magic that is unfound in other cities. For some people, they are lucky enough to call the 305 of the 786 their home. Now, whether you are a local or tourist, we can all agree that there is so many different things to do in this city, food to try, and people to meet. However, there is only really one way to enjoy all of what Miami has to offer. If you want to see Miami on a whole new level, what you need to do is visit one of Miami’s beautiful and luxurious rooftop bars. As your NYC Rooftop Bar Crawl expert, Miami offers some of the most unique rooftop bars, including unapparelled views of the ocean and great company. We highly recommend that, whether you are looking to go on a date, take some friends out for some fun, or visiting the Magic City, check out these best rooftop bars of Miami.
Best Rooftop Bars of Miami

Area 31

16, 270 Biscayne Boulevard Way, Miami, Fl, 33131
(305) 454-5234

If you want to learn more about what makes the Magic City magical, start off by visiting the Area 31 rooftop bar. This is a prime destination for locals and tourists, nestled right near the beautiful ocean. Standing 31 floors above the streets of Miami, Area 31 offers visitors an opportunity to capture great images of the sunset and the nightlife of Miami. The rooftop bar itself is apart of the EPIC and offers an environment matching a relaxing and peaceful ambience.

What makes Area 31 such a favourable rooftop bar is that not only can tourists and locals visit year-round, it also has a stunning pool that can be used year-round. With some of the best views of Miami and unique company – any experience at Area 31 is bound to be memorable.

Must-Try Drinks: if you are planning a visit to Area 31, try the Concrete Jungle, a mixture of Dewar’s and Amaro Montenegro with angostura bitters. If you are seeking something a bit different, try the Irma Let That Slide – a play on rum and brandy with a few other additives, like orgeat, lemon, and sherry.

Best Rooftop Bars of Miami

Rooftop at the 1 Hotel

2341 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, Fl, 33139
(305) 604-6580

When it comes to popularity and reputation, there is nothing better than the Rooftop at the 1 Hotel. If you have never been to the 1 Hotel, this hotel has received nominations and awards for having the best hotel pool on Earth. Partner this with a stunning location on Miami Beach, you have one of the best rooftop bars not only in Miami but the country. Here, you can enjoy the comforts of a pool, views of the Atlantic, and have great conversations all in one.

Years ago, the Rooftop at the 1 Hotel used to be a wildly popular destination for locals in Miami. Today, this location has most certainly calmed down and become quite a peaceful and relaxing rooftop bar experience. As far as décor and ambience, the company has created a balance between the urban and trendy vibe that city goers enjoy, alongside the beach and relaxing environment for Floridians.

Must-Try Drinks: When it comes to all the different drinks you can get at the Rooftop at the 1 Hotel, Watr, we highly suggest trying the organic wines. Chances are, you never had such a great, fruitful glass of wine like these.

Best Rooftop Bars of Miami


1111 Lincoln Rd. Miami Beach, Fl, 33139
(305) 763- 8272

As your Rooftop Bar Crawl Expert, we can say that there might not be a better location for a view than the Juvia rooftop bar located in South Beach, Miami, Florida. This destination has received the reputation and label by locals, tourists, and the experts, thanks to it’s stunning, luxurious appeal. Now, out of the many different rooftop bars in the city, Juvia might just be the one with the biggest price tag.

Aside from its view, what makes this destination such a great bar is its environment. The moment you walk into the rooftop bar, you will be captivated and entranced by the beautiful and simple décor, modern vibrations, and happy ambience. Our favourite location is sitting next to the wall covered in ivy. Be sure to capture a picture of the ocean too!

Must-Try Drinks: Our personal favourite from Juvia is the La Fleur Du Paradis. This drink balances the strength of gin and St. Germain with Champaign, grapefruit and orange bitters. If you want something a bit different, yet strong, try the Juvia Lemonade, vodka, berry puree, and a touch of lemon.

Best Rooftop Bars of Miami


788 Brickell Plaza, Miami, FL 33131
(786) 805-4655

When it comes to premier rooftop bars in Miami, there is nothing quite like Sugar. Here, you will get the best of both worlds, including glimpses of the beautiful Biscayne Bay, glances of the beautiful nightlife in Downtown, and even the city view of Brickell. As your NYC Rooftop Bar Crawl Expert, we can say that you won’t find any other location in Miami that offers such an amazing array of plants and gardens on their rooftop.

Additionally, what makes this location such a great place is that not only do they serve some of the best cocktails and drinks, their food is delicious. In our opinion, you are not going to find better wings than right here at Sugar. If you want to learn why so many people are heading to Sugar, it’s because it’s that sweet!

Must-Try Drinks: Start off your evening with a Peony cocktail, which is vodka and rum infused with rich pineapples, coconuts, and top with lime juice. If that is not enough, try the Toki Highball, made from Suntory toki whiskey, yuzu, Lagavulin 16 and mixed with club soda.

Best Rooftop Bars of Miami


15 NE 11th St. Miami, Fl 33132
(305) 358-9848

When it comes to unique rooftop bars, one location that stands out in Miami is E11even. What makes this location such a popular choice for locals and tourists is the impressive view of being able to observe everything that happens below in Downtown. Standing proud and tall above 11th street, you can enjoy delicious foods, mouthwatering cocktails, or simply take pictures to get more likes on Instagram.

The rooftop creates an ambiance of modern flair with casual décor, making it a great destination for friends to gather, or a small date. However, you might notice, it does get noisy. This might not be the best choice for a first date, but rather someone you might already know. Oh, and if you are done with the rooftop experience, always check-in with what’s happening downstairs. You might be able to catch a party.

Must-Try Drinks: Without question, any visitor needs to try the Creamsicle cocktail, a mixture of rumchata, prosecco and orange juice. If you are looking for something a tad stronger, try the Fire Bull – pure fireball and Red Bull.

Best Rooftop Bars of Miami

The Miami Rooftop Bar For You

When it comes to Miami or the Magic City, there is so much to do, so much to see, and so much to experience. There is a reason why thousands of people, if not millions, of people, desire to travel to Miami each year – it’s that exciting. If you have never travelled to Miami – veterans or locals can agree that there is always something happening in Miami. The best place to catch any party starts at one of Miami’s finest rooftop bars. In truth, the best Miami memories are made real at one of the destinations we shared with you today.

As your professional rooftop crawl expert, Florida is one of the most magical states in the country. Home to not only Disney World but the Magic City itself, some of the best rooftop bars resides in this state. Whether you want glimpses of the beautiful Atlantic Ocean or Biscayne Bay or even sip drinks with friends in a nature garden on top of the city, Miami has this, and more. We figured, before we finish up, we would share a few more experiences you can’t miss out on.

The Bar at Level 25: Are you looking for a luxurious rooftop bar experience? Don’t miss out at The Bar at Level 25. This is located atop the infamous Conrad Miami Hotel and is loaded with stunning décor, city views, and unbelievable food.

1395 Brickell Ave, Miami, Florida, 33131
(305) 503-6500

The Cape: There is no better place to take your group of friends than to The Cape. Located on the Townsend Hotel, this bar serves some of the best cocktails, rare beers, and provides the perfect ambiance for a memorable night.

150 20th St, Miami Beach, Fl, 33139
(305) 534-3800

Gale South Beach: When it comes to a relaxing rooftop bar vibe, Gale South Beach is it. While it may be competing with surrounding rooftops that are higher – this place offers an impeccable, unhindered view of Lincoln road and mouthwatering food.

1690 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139
(305) 673-0199

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