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Best Rooftop Bars of Denver

March 29, 2018, 6:59 p.m.

Best Rooftop Bars of Denver
If you are looking for one of the most beautiful mountainous cities in the U.S. filled with art, culture, and much more, Denver, Colorado is for you. Whether you are eager in exploring the Denver Art Museum or hiking one of the most beautiful trails this city offers, this American metropolis dates back to the Old West era. With that in mind, Denver has an overall population of 2,814,330 people, making it one of the largest cities in the U.S. Now, the real question is if you are wanting a blend of a beautiful view, delicious drinks, and perfect ambience, where do this many people go? We will tell you! Let’s talk about the best rooftop bars in Denver Colorado!
Best Rooftop Bars of Denver

Fire Terrace at the Art Hotel

1201 Broadway St Denver, CO 80203, Capitol Hill, Southwest

(727) 281-3200

Denver is known as one of the most beautiful mountain cities in the United States, offering close to 300 days of perfect sunshine. However, the night time is as equally beautiful with plenty of flashing lights and twinkling artistic appeal covering the whole city. From the ART, a gorgeous hotel offering a-class amenities, individuals seeking premiere Denver views of the Denver skyline can get exactly what they are looking for.

In fact, this hotel offers a Fire Terrace with a unique fourtj-floor patio that overlooks some of the most beautiful streets of Denver. Get a glimpse of what life is like on Broadway Street, or simply stare at the beautiful sunset peeking through modern buildings. With that said, one asks, “why is it called the Fire Terrace?” Well, there are beautiful fire pit structures on the terrace, making this the perfect rooftop bar for 365 days of gorgeous views.

This sophisticated venue can accommodate up to 35 guests. However, the hotel offers an adjoining restaurant known as, FIRE, which can accommodate up to 88 more. For an artistic experience alongside stunning views of Denver, this is the experience of a lifetime if you are a local or visiting. For guests of the ART hotel, they can liven up their stay with a signature drink from the bar on top.

The Must Have Drinks: Known to redefine the rooftop bar experience by creating a more artistic and lively environment, this rooftop bar is known to offer some of the most coveted classic craft cocktails with an American twist. More so, an individual can enjoy live entertainment and tasty delights that will warm the palate.

Best Rooftop Bars of Denver

10 Barrel Brewing

2620 Walnut Street, Denver Colorado 80205

(727) 573 - 8992

If you happen to be a beer lover, then this is the rooftop bar for you. This rooftop bar offers unobstructed views surrounded by a lively ambience that resembles more of a western feel with an urban flare. The outdoor environment is simple and relaxed with counter high wood tables and wooden barstools. What we can say, is that the purpose of coming here is to try one of the best beers that this city offers.

With unobstructed sunsets and an expanded landscape view, people can enjoy one of the most relaxed settings of a rooftop bar. Have good conversation, try delicious foods, and invite a friend to one of the best beer bars in all of Denver.

Now, it happens to be a majorly chilly day outside, don’t let that ruin your rooftop bar experience. Grab a seat inside, where expansive bar windows allow individuals to still fully enjoy gorgeous views of the Denver skyline. With more than twenty house-made beers, there is a wide selection for everyone.

The Must Have Drinks: Known for their magnificent beers, this one of a kind signature beer joint and rooftop bar offers plenty of beers. Choose between one of the year-round beers, such as Joe Ipa, or visiting during the seasonal periods and try an assertive hots that offers a hint of apricot with the Google Tan.

Best Rooftop Bars of Denver

Departure Elevated

249 Columbine Street, Denver Colorado 80205


If you are seeking to have an elevated experience before your departure back home, then this rooftop bar is the must-visit rooftop bar for anyone looking for a quality experience among a luxury feel. This is Departure Elevated, one of the newest additions to the Denver, Colorado rooftop bar scene with a twist. In fact, this rooftop bar offers beautiful views of the Denver sunset while being modernly decorated with a pan-Asian flair. This modern rooftop bar has an eatery below, known as Departure, in the case you get hungry during your visit.

However, it is the location that makes this rooftop bar truly exquisite. Set above the Halcyon Hotel, this is a luxury experience on top of the most coveted hotels in Denver. More so, this rooftop bar is ideal for summer lovers looking for a quality experience. The reason being that this rooftop bar also offers a full swimming pool and lounge sitting so you can accompany your summery drink like a pro. With that in mind, it is the large selection of deliciously crafted cocktails and drinks that make this exclusive rooftop bar shine above the rest.

The Must Have Drinks: When it comes to exclusive cocktails offering an Asian twist, this is the rooftop bar to beat. Of course, an individual can decide on a less extravagant option such as wine or a simple Mojito. However, it is the speciality crafted cocktails that are worth your consideration. If you are visiting Departure Elevated, try the Tao of Tanuki cocktail, a blend of watermelon, chilli salt, basil, and takara shochu with a bit of lime.

Best Rooftop Bars of Denver

El Five

2930 Umatilla Street, Denver, Colorado


El Five is one of the newest additions to the Denver, Colorado outdoor rooftop bar scene. Offering 5th level beautiful views of the Denver skyline, this Eastern Mediterranean and Spanish eatery is known as one of the places to be at during the evening hours. Nestled above LoHi, you will highly enjoy the sprawling highlands view with a specialty drink in hand. With that in mind, the vibe of this rooftop bar offers a funky and buzzy penthouse environment while mixing it up with a Spanish flair.

What makes this rooftop bar even more unique is that adjacent to it, sits the big sister to this newly opened rooftop bar, the highly touted Edible Beat’s concept Linger. Like the port of Gibraltar, El Five considers itself the melting pot of beautiful sunsets, delicious drinks, and of course, great company. If you are considering visiting this Rooftop Bar, keep in mind it opens at five and gets booked quite quickly.

The Must Have Drinks: What this luxuriously appointed rooftop bar offers more than pristine unobstructed views is the delicious cocktails and small plates. Try one of their regional food plates or one of the finely made craft cocktails and fulfil your appetite for luxury and refinement.

Best Rooftop Bars of Denver

Del Frisco's Grille

100 St Paul St Suite 140, Denver, CO 80206

(303) 320-8529

It’s time to switch it up a bit with the Del Frisco’s Grille Rooftop Bar. Known as of the casual sibling to the Del Frisco’s steakhouse, this rooftop bar takes relaxation and the upscale bar feel to a whole new level. This third-floor rooftop bar offers plenty of lounge-style seating alongside greenery-lushed gardens.

With a non-intrusive flat screen, people can watch the game or simply take the ambience in. Where this rooftop bar really shines is the drinks. With a plethora of cocktails, wines, and beers, an individual can accompany their favourite drink with a casual and finely-created speciality cocktail. More so, what makes this rooftop bar even more special is the unobstructed sunsets from above one of Denver’s most historic areas.

The Must Have Drinks: This specialty rooftop bar offers some of the most indulgent and delicious drinks. The cocktails and drinks at this rooftop bar are on the fruity side, making them all easy to drink and delicious to enjoy.

Best Rooftop Bars of Denver

The Denver Rooftop Bars For You

If you are currently visiting the beautiful state of Colorado and looking for an experience of a lifetime, you need to stop by the stunning city of Denver. In truth, visiting any city for the first time presents a wealth of amazing opportunities. This specific city is filled with endless opportunities and adventures. In fact, there is a reason why thousands of people around the country travel to Denver each year - it's that fun! Whether you are seeking some nature, delicious foods, thrilling sports, an enthusiastic nightlight, or perhaps causal drinks on top of the city's skyline - this city has it all for you.

In our opinion, the best way to get to see any city is at a rooftop bar. As your NYC Rooftop Bar Crawl Experts, we know what it's like to take a party from floor 1 to floor 50. With that being said, today, we shared with you some of the absolute best of what Denver has to offer. Whether you are looking for the view, classic drinks, or perhaps an ambience for the perfect date night - you can find all of this, and more, at one of these 5 best Denver Rooftop Bars.

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