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Best Hotels in NYC

Aug. 24, 2015, 4:06 p.m.

Best Hotels in NYC
Times Square NYC

When most people plan a trip to visit New York City, they think about the lights, the people, the nightlife, the food, the yellow cabs, the attractions, and of course they aim to stay in a hotel that is located in the center of it all. An NYC hotel that offers picturesque scenery from your hotel room of the infamous skyscrapers and towers that make up the Manhattan skyline. After all, that’s the image you see in just about any brochure or advertisement regarding New York City.

Best Hotels in NYC
Best NYC Pizza

NYC Pizza

Everyone’s heard of New York Pizza across the country but once you’re here in the city that never sleeps, where do you go to buy it? Brooklyn! Do not pass go, do not collect $200. Go directly to Brooklyn to find this country, and possibly this planet’s best-made pizza! Here where you could go:

Roberta’s Pizza

According to Food & Drink experts, Roberta’s Pizza on Moore Street in Bushwick (Brooklyn) is NYC’s best pizza! They are famous for their wood burning pizza spot that supplements a simple list of pies using premium ingredients with killer daily specials.

The experts said:

-- \"... the pizza here is my favorite thing to eat in the world. The ideal ratio of crust to sauce to cheese

Best Hotels in NYC

Best Bagels in NYC

To find the best bagels in New York City is like finding a needle in a haystack. Especially if you’re a bagel connoisseur, who doesn’t accept just any bagel into your system and call it “good.” If you’re a bagel lover, you probably know not to even attempt to buy a bagel off of a food truck or the frozen aisle of your local supermarket. A bagel pro would know that bagels are best when they’re freshly made with your choice of topping accompanied by your favorite beverage. Lets face it, next to pizza, bagels are every foodies favorite grab-and-go food.

You can search the internet all you want, but you’ll find (just like we did) that there’s a significant difference in opinion as to which shop has the “best bagels in NYC.” If you grew up eating the very best bagels, then I invite you to find a better bagel shop in NYC than Leo’s Bagels in New York City. These bagels are hard to beat!

Located on Hanover Square in the Financial District of Manhattan, Leo’s Bagels has fresh homemade bagels along with a variety of cream cheese spreads. These hand-rolled bagels have the absolute best-tasting dough whether you ask for it toasted or fresh-baked. Their assortment of toppings like Wild Pacific King Salmon, Lox, or Scottish Salmon (to name a few). They’ve thought of everything and everyone because they even offer vegan cream cheese, and organic tofu spreads for “clean” eaters. The owners really put love into their bagel-making process and surely knew how to pick what tastes best with an old-fashion American food favorite like the bagel with cream cheese.

Leo’s Bagels is best to visit during breakfast or lunch time where you can enjoy soups, sandwiches, homemade salads, omelettes, pastries, and, of course, their delicious bagels with your choice of spread and toppings.  

Take pride in the food you eat and never settle for less when it comes to ingredients. Not only is it the healthier route to take but you deserve to treat yourself. Try something new on your bagel each time you visit a NYC bagel shop. Just about anything goes well on them!

Although Leo's Bagels is a top choice, the following bagel shops are also some of the well-known NYC bagel havens.

Absolute Bagels on the Upper West Side of Manhattan

Bagel Pub in Park Slope, BK

Black Seed Bagels in Nolita

Beygl in Park Slope, BK

H & H Bagels on the Upper East Side




Best Hotels in NYC
Katz Deli

Best Deli in NYC

You haven't fully experienced New York City if you haven't had an overstuffed sandwich from a local deli and it is just about every food expert’s vote that Katz Deli on the Lower East Side of Manhattan is without a doubt the # 1 deli in NYC for all deli categories.

Katz Deli in NYC has been standing as the backbone of kosher-style delis since 1888 and has been serving the most mouthwatering lunch meats ever since. Although it’s located in an ever-changing part of Manhattan, one thing the neighborhood has been able to count on for generations is the freshness and fulfilling food at Katz Deli. Just the fresh carved pastrami and corned beef sandwiches alone are worth the fame. Their infamous all-beef hot dogs with a touch of mustard on a soft roll are to die for! This eatery is by far the best deli in NYC.

Due to its popularity, Katz Deli tends to have quite a long wait time if you visit during their peak hours. Your best bet is to visit them on a weekday in the early afternoons when most people are at work or school.

In addition to Katz Deli, there are many other delis in NYC that serve delectable food and have earned their place on the list of top delis in New York City. Here are 9 more worth mentioning:

Eisenberg Sandwich Shop

DeFonte’s of Brooklyn

Barney Greengrass

2nd Avenue Deli


D & F Italian Deli

Artie’s Deli

Russ & Daughters

Mile End Sandwich


Best Hotels in NYC
Nathan's Famous Hot Dogs in Brooklyn

Best Hot Dogs in NYC

The most all-American street food you can find on the streets of NYC are the infamous “dirty water dogs.” No matter which part of Manhattan you are visiting, your chances of bumping into at least a dozen hot dog vendors is greater than you can imagine.

NYC is famous for its hot dogs worldwide along with cooked sausages, and pretzels. Not every vendor makes it with the same New York touch but if you’ve come across a hot dog vendor in NYC that grills or steams their hot dogs and serves them on a sliced bun as a sandwich with your choice topping, then you can at least say you’ve had a NYC hot dog. Though you may wonder if the hot dog vendor's hot dogs are so good, where can you buy the absolute best hot dog in NYC?

Just about any resident New Yorker can tell you that “the best” hot dog in NYC is hard to choose because there are a good dozen “must try” locations but the top two for this guide has been selected based on reviews, testimonials, and good old fashion food expert taste, texture, and presentation.

NATHAN'S FAMOUS: Tourists and families love to visit Coney Island each and every summer, and one of the biggest highlights is being able to have a hot dog and French fries meal at Nathan's Famous. The quality of their hot dogs hasn't dropped in deliciousness one bit in all the years they’ve been standing! If you’re going to indulge in this $2.50 piece of heaven you must ask for your NYC hot dog to be served with ketchup, mustard, and sauerkraut. While you’re at it, ask for a side of their crinkle french fries, and, what the heck, go for a beer too!

GRAY'S PAPAYA: It was a heartbreaking, or at least tummy-breaking day when the Gray’s Papaya in Greenwich Village closed its doors, leaving behind only one last iconic hot dog hotspot on the Upper West Side. Luckily, those guys seem like they’re not going anywhere anytime soon. It’s a good thing too because where else can you get two hot dogs, and a 14 oz. drink for only $4.50? Gray's hot dogs are charred and stuffed with definitive frankfurter taste. You must try them with sauerkraut and relish, and of course it needs to be accompanied by one of their famous papaya drinks.


Best Hotels in NYC
Sammy's Halal Food NYC

Best Halal Food in NYC

One of the benefits of living in NYC is being exposed to a variety of cultures and cuisine. You could never complain about eating the same thing every day when there are so many different colors on this palette of a city. Just walking down a busy New York City street will expose your sense of smell to the wide variety of ingredients being cooked in some of the best kitchens. Yet, not always are those scents coming from a chef’s kitchen. Sometimes the inviting aroma is coming from a NYC food truck.

If there is one food that hundreds of New Yorkers crave for daily its Halal food. This Middle Eastern foodie treasure paved its way onto the streets of New York City back in the 1980’s when Arabic vendors began opening up shop in just about every borough in NYC. Eating a late-night plate of chicken or lamb over rice, smothered in white sauce and/or hot sauce became the thing to do after party all night at a NYC bar or club. People have come to love Halal food trucks so much that it is not surprising to find yourself standing in a long line waiting to order your made-on-the-spot plate of scrumptiousness.

Over time, the Halal food trucks have multiplied throughout NYC and in addition to being everyone’s favorite go-to meal in the middle of the night, they are also a top choice for lunch and dinner. The Halal food truck vendors became trendsetters in the food industry, opening food truck doors to so many other cuisine types.  One of those trendsetters was “Sammy” whose original truck spot was on the corner of 73rd Street and Broadway in Jackson Heights, Queens. Today, you can also treat yourself to Sammy’s Halal Food at its original location or at his 2nd spot in the East village (East 4th Street & Broadway).

Sammy’s most popular dish is the $5 plate of chicken over rice. While the Middle Eastern season is what gives his dishes its backbone, it’s his sauces that elevate his food to another level of taste. You can choose from the standard white sauce, hot & spicy sauce, or his delicious green sauce which not many other trucks offer. Sammy always serves fresh ingredients along with tender & juicy meats that are cleaner than most other trucks because you don’t get the icky stuff like cartilage and joints in your chicken.

Sammy's is not the only Halal food on wheels that is great-tasting in NYC. Along with his food truck hot spots, the following Halal food vendors are also beating the hundreds of vendors in popularity because of the quality of their ingredients and sauces.

5 Best Halal Food Trucks in NYC




Best Hotels in NYC
NYC Food Trucks

Best NYC Food Trucks

Once upon a time, eating food from a truck meant running after the Mr. Softie ice cream truck to get your favorite flavor ice cream on a cone. Over the years, the food truck frenzy in NYC has become a popular way to eat on a daily basis. From Pizza to cupcakes, Halal to Taiwanese to Mexican food, and who can ignore the Big Gay Ice Cream Truck? You can get just about anything from dumplings to desserts depending on where you’re walking in NYC.

Street vendors are a crucial part of the NYC culture, and they typically have much better food than some of the local eateries.  In past years, food truck’s popularity has risen to an all-time high with customers becoming so excited about their favorite food trucks that they have also become fans of the owner’s social media pages. As posting food on social media pages became such a trend, so did following your favorite NYC food trucks.

So where does one go to find the best food trucks in NYC? Well, just about anywhere! Each year the Annual Vendy Awards reveals which sidewalk chefs in NYC are paving the way with their good eats. This intense cook-off becomes the battle of the bests where the winners go home with awards like Best of Market, Best Dessert, Rookie of the Year, and the People’s Choice award. This year’s 2015 Vendy Awards will take place at Governors Island on September 12th. The best food trucks in NYC will be in attendance including the following finalists:






















Best Hotels in NYC

Best Spanish Food in NYC

Spanish cuisine is one of the most loved obsessions of NYC foodies, and a good percentage of the best New York eateries focus on the Iberian delights of sizzling, garlicky nibbles and local wine to wash them down. One of the benefits of the diversity that exists in New York City is the exposure to a wide variety of cultures. Spanish food doesn’t just mean tacos and burritos. The best Spanish restaurants in NYC offer decadent plates that derive from a variety of Latin origins such as Spain, Ecuador, Argentina, Columbia, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and the Dominican Republic.

Some Spanish NYC restaurants only offer cocktails and tapas, while others offer full authentic dishes, and then there are the fusion restaurants that offer an alternative taste to traditional foods like Mama Sushi’s Japanese/Spanish sushi menu. At this trendy restaurant Uptown Manhattan, the plates are more than meets the eyes. What may look like traditional sushi at first glance is actually Spanish ingredients put together to look like sushi. So instead you’ll be eating sweet plantain, avocado, sushi rice, cream cheese, and a choice of protein like pulled pork or chicken.

For a more authentic experience, you can dine at places that offer not only Spanish plates but also an entire Latin experience. There are several Puerto Rican restaurants that provide great service, food, and even live music for you to enjoy while you dine.

The refined tastes of Spain can be found in the East Village at one of the best Spanish food restaurants in Manhattan. Chef Wesley Genovart has worked hard to keep up with the latest in food trends to deliver impressive dishes that are so seductive; you’ll be hypnotized.  At Degustation, the entire service is the definition of perfection, and when you add that to their great food, wine, and elegant ambiance, you are sure to leave fully satisfied. 

Here are some of the other best Spanish restaurants in New York, where you can brush on deliciousness like wispy cuts of Serrano ham, feast away at paellas or cobble together a tapas dining experience of lemony anchovies, stout head-on shrimp, and fresh patatas bravas served hot.

El Quinto Pino

Tia Pol

Bogota Latin Bistro


Socarrat Paella Bar

Mamajuana Cafe


Pata Negra

Los Feliz

Calle Ocho


Best Hotels in NYC
Gramercy Terrace at the Gramercy Park Hotel

Gramercy Terrace

Placed on the 18th floor of the Hotel, the Gramercy Terrace offers unparalleled views of the Manhattan skyline and functions as a garden oasis from the eventful streets of NYC. This leading event space is open and vivacious and has a fully weatherized retractable roof, it's the seamless, luxurious setting for a fall wedding in NYC.

The Terrace is made up of interior salons, filled with 20th-century works of art from Damien Hirst and Andy Warhol, and swanky exterior gardens that wrap around the rooftop. The numerous areas for entertaining allow for a variety of set-ups perfect for both large and small weddings.


Best Hotels in NYC
Hotel on Rivington Wedding

Hotel on Rivington

If your vision for a flawless rooftop wedding in NYC consists of a cocktail reception for 200 people or a sit-down dinner for 50, The Penthouseat Hotel on Rivington provides over 3000 sq. feet and spectacular New York City skyline views. Their 900 sq. foot open-air rooftop is attractive for an outdoor wedding ceremony and the floor-to-ceiling glass interiors are impeccable for your dream New York wedding reception! The Catering and Event staff will assist you with planning the menu, customize the interiors and make suggestions on a floral designer, a photographer and a musicians or DJ.


Best Hotels in NYC
NoMad Hotel Rooftop

NoMad Hotel Rooftop

There is no refuting that the NoMad Hotel rooftop located on 28th street and Broadway is unquestionably beautiful! It’s decorated in warm leather and gorgeous velvets, with jewel-toned tints and unconventional art, and that high-class touch extends all the way to the rooftop. You can sit with friends at tables that are separated by miniature grassy knolls, or if needed, you can rent the entire special events space — the second really makes for one classic holiday party!


Best Hotels in NYC
Sheltering Sky at McCarren Hotel

Sheltering Sky at McCarren Hotel

It may come as a surprise but it just so happens that some of the greatest views of the New York City skyline come from the borders of Manhattan, and one of the locations that provides excellent staging is Sheltering Sky at the McCarren Hotel in Brooklyn. Stare at the city, sparkling away, from the comfy couches at this fashionable rooftop bar, that oversees McCarren Park.


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