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Being a VIP in NYC

July 29, 2015, 7:41 p.m.

Being a VIP in NYC
Select Card

The stylish and glamorous of NYC's nightlife and dining scene is the epitome of luxury. With top-notch restaurants, first-rate hotels, extravagant retailers, and select spas, New York City is the ultimate playground.

But how does one get into the inner circle of NYC’s most elite locations? How can you cut the line at the stylish clubs, have courtesy cocktails at the most top restaurants, and get insider pricing at luxury hotels? Well, you join SELECT.

Potential members can apply for access naming basic factual, career and education info as well as their overall interests. If you're accepted (roughly 30-40% candidates are eventually offered membership), members unlock high-class incentives at an extensive list of leading partners that range from upper rated local restaurants to worldwide hotel and retail brands like the Hyatt and Brooks Brothers.  

Each affiliate gets a custom-made SELECT card. This black metal card is an extension of any current debit or credit card and can be utilized as such. In addition to your normal rewards, the SELECT card will provide you with exclusive experiences and perks at thousands of SELECT partner venues.

Some notable names on SELECT’s extensive list of partners comprise of Meatpacking locations like Spice Market and Bagatelle as well as upper-class faves like Le Cirque and Bouley. For members that are looking for a delicious cocktail, SELECT has partnered with New York’s fashionable nightlife locations, including Gansevoort Park, Mister H and The Skylark.


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