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5 Reasons to attend a Rooftop Crawl

July 5, 2016, 4:24 p.m.

5 Reasons to attend a Rooftop Crawl
Let me ask you a question really quick, okay? Have you ever planned a fun and glamorous night with all of your friends just to make it to the bar to find out it was dead? Not literally dead but like a ghost town. In fact in some cases you could actually probably see the tumble weed drifting by. Well the reality is, this no longer can exist as a reality for you. Once you learn about a Rooftop Crawl in NYC, you will never experience one of those dry and ghost-town nights again. A Rooftop Crawl experience in NYC is one that once you do it once, you never go back. Let’s check out the top 5 reasons why you should be doing a rooftop crawl this weekend.
5 Reasons to attend a Rooftop Crawl

Legendary NYC Experience

Whether you live in the big apple or you are visiting, everyone is always looking for the next best thing to do or the next fad, right? Well, it’s all about Rooftop Crawls. When you sign-up for a rooftop crawl in NYC, not only are you getting delicious cocktails but you are getting a legendary NYC experience. In fact, you are guaranteed to see a side of NYC that you have never seen before. Whether you are in Midtown, Soho or even the Lower East Side, each Rooftop Crawl experience is one to remember. Clubs, cocktails and luxurious surroundings – sounds like a legendary NYC experience, right?

5 Reasons to attend a Rooftop Crawl

Worries and Stress be Gone!

Okay okay, I know you are probably wondering how doing a Rooftop Crawl can remove your worries and stress, right? Well, here me out. After a week of work and handling new clients or maybe attempting to meet deadlines, you get a bit stressed and worried, right? Well instead of focusing on the past work-week or even next week’s deadlines, why not focus on the now and enjoy a Rooftop Crawl experience! Once you do a Rooftop Crawl, you will notice that the moment you walk into your first Rooftop Bar, all of your worries and stresses are gone because you have become completely enthralled by the beautiful of life and the luxurious city of New York City!

5 Reasons to attend a Rooftop Crawl

Views for a Life Time

Signing up for the next Rooftop Crawl is like investing in yourself. One of the best reasons to do a Rooftop Crawl in NYC is all about the breathtaking views at each of the locations. Whether the location for the weekend is Sky Room Rooftop Bar and Longue Time Square or even the Top of the Strand Rooftop Bar, the views are impeccable and I guarantee you are going to be an Instagram favorite amongst all of your girls – trust me. Snap on a filter and watch the likes go up!

5 Reasons to attend a Rooftop Crawl

Friends, Friends, Friends!

If you are all about meeting new people and making friends with new people, sign-up for a NYC Rooftop Crawl today! Literally you are guaranteed to meet some of the most unique and friendly people during any NYC Rooftop Crawl. The truth is, everyone that signs up for one is seeking the same thing: a good time, with fun people and great conversations – that’s exactly what you get! By the end of the Rooftop Crawl, you will be exchanging numbers, Instagram and even Facebooks to keep in touch for the next Rooftop Crawl. Who knows, after you make some new friends, all your girlfriends and you might just book your own Rooftop Crawl in NYC!

5 Reasons to attend a Rooftop Crawl

The True Moving Party

You have not witnessed a true moving party until you participate in a classic NYC Rooftop Crawl. Rooftop Bars are one of those experiences that once you try it once, you will never look back. In Rooftop Crawls, the party is not only composed of lively and friendly people but it also moves from one beautiful Rooftop Bar to the next. One of the best parts about participating in a Rooftop Crawl is when you get the text that it’s time to go and you grab your Louis to exit the building in a mass crowd dressed to the nines. In Rooftop Crawls, the party never stops, it just keeps moving!

Do a Rooftop Crawl NOW!

Honestly, I really don’t know what you are waiting for. Times have changed and if you are still sitting at the bars downstairs, it’s time that you spice up your life a bit. Rooftop Crawls are the new trending thing to do and once you do it, you will only ever do Rooftop Crawls from now on – I promise you. With legendary experience, views, stress-free weekends, great company and a party that never ends – what are you waiting for?

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