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3 Steps on How to Create the Best Bucket List

May 1, 2017, 5:40 p.m.

3 Steps on How to Create the Best Bucket List
With the New Year rolling around the corner, it’s about that time of year that many people are beginning to create their bucket list. Why? People begin to reflect on their life and look at all the things or vacations they have not taken yet. What happens with so many people is they allow for their realities to be controlled by self-imposed limits and don’t believe they can truly achieve their biggest goals and dreams on their bucket list. How many times did you deny yourself the vacation of your dreams or the concert of your deepest desires? How many times did you deny a work opportunity because you feared it was not okay? It’s time to transform your life and live the life you’ve always wanted! That starts with an effective bucket list. Rather than creating a faulty and eventually dusty bucket list, we are here to provide you with the How To on creating the BEST bucket list. So, let’s get clear!
3 Steps on How to Create the Best Bucket List

1. The Limitation Barrier

When it comes to creating the best bucket list, the first thing you need to do is sit with yourself and remove the self-limiting barrier that you have imposed upon yourself. Whether you believe its there or not, through creating a bucket list you will discover one. For an example, do you believe it’s attainable to travel to Dubai, France, Spain or any of your favorite countries? In the majority of cases, people don’t believe so. Remove this limitation barrier and allow for your natural and creative juices to flow!

3 Steps on How to Create the Best Bucket List

2. The Effective Brainstorm

Once you have been able to acknowledge and remove your limitation barrier, brew yourself a delicious cup of coffee, tea or concoct yourself a drink, your choice! Regardless of your choice, sit down with a word document or journal and genuinely, with an open heart, write down all of what you WANT to experience in this lifetime. These can be goals, achievements, destinations – the choice is in your hands. The intention is to get clear on what you wish to accomplish, see and do through-out your life-experience.

3 Steps on How to Create the Best Bucket List

3. The Inspiration Brainstorm

What normally happens when people get to Step 2 is they hit a blockage or they lose the inspiration. This can be completely normal, so don’t freak-out! I mean, you live in the 21st century with inspiration within and without at your disposal! Get creative and have fun! Don’t allow yourself to stick to the mundane.

What can you do to stimulate more inspiration and ideas?

• Open a traveling book
• Watch the travel channel
• Meditate
• Visualize
• Ask your friends
• Look at each of your ideas and ask if you can go BIGGER
• Go to YouTube and look up Things to Do Before You Die
• Go to the bookstore and buy a Things to do Before You Die book
• Get Creative!

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