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10 Spots to Eat After 4AM in New York City

July 10, 2016, 4:33 p.m.

10 Spots to Eat After 4AM in New York City
Oh snap, it’s been one of those nights, hasn’t it. You know that night where after a Rooftop Crawl in NYC and you got the munchies early in the morning and you don’t know what to do right? Well, let me tell you a couple things. First things first, you live in NYC and there are some amazing places to eat after 4 AM – so don’t worry. Second thing, figure out what you are craving because I am about to give you 10 hot spots in NYC to eat after 4 AM. Whether you were clubbing or drinking the night safely away atop NYC hotels and skyscrapers, you have to make sure you tame the lion called your stomach!
10 Spots to Eat After 4AM in New York City

1. Empanada Mama

This one right here is legendary in Manhattan and has been deemed the king of the late night. Paired with a delicious Latin American menu, this Midtown restaurant is a must go-to spot to eat after 4 AM. They serve everything from tapas to arepas and to some heavy duty dishes as well. The only thing with this one is she does close at 5 AM, which gives you just the perfect amount of time to eat.

763 9th Ave Between 51st and 51nd Street in Hell’s Kitchen

10 Spots to Eat After 4AM in New York City

2. Wo Hop

Next up on our list is tucked away over in Chinatown and it’s called Wo Hop. If you are seeking top-notch authentic Chinese food at 4 AM, look no further! Wo Hop has a massive menu where you will be able to order everything and anything you desire at super cheap prices! We are talking $5-8 meals! Now the only warning with this one is because it does not close down, it’s a hot-spot for many people like you who are seeking Chinese Food early into the morning – aka, be prepared for a mini wait.

17 Mott Street between Mosco Street and Park Row in Chinatown

10 Spots to Eat After 4AM in New York City

3. Veselka

Have you ever dreamt of trying Ukrainian food before? If so, this is the spot for you! Located and tucked away over in the East Village, Veselka is one of those restaurants that you will be back to many times. With a beautiful menu full of delicious turkey burgers, salads and pierogis, you can find any delicious Ukrainian dish here. On top of being open 24 hours, Veselka also boasts an ambiance that will sooth morning in the most relaxing way!

144 Second Avenue, between St Marks Place and 9th Street in the East Village

10 Spots to Eat After 4AM in New York City

4. Great Burrito

Now while I might have added this on the list just for myself, I figure there may be a couple burrito fans out there at 4 AM. Great Burrito boasts everything delicious and once you get a glimpse of the tasty tacos and beautiful burritos, you will want to buy some of their homemade hot sauce to go! Great Burrito is a great choice in my opinion for an early morning snack!

100 W 23rd Street

10 Spots to Eat After 4AM in New York City

5. Coppelia

If you are looking for a 24-hour restaurant that boasts some of the most delicious Cuban meals you will ever have, check out Coppeila. With an authentic Cuban Menu boasting some of the finest and most delectable meals, Coppeila has taken NYC by storm in 2011 – and you will be next! No matter what you may be craving, this restaurant has got your back 24 hours a day! Check them out!

201 West 14th Street Between 7th and 8th Aves in West Village

10 Spots to Eat After 4AM in New York City

6. Empire Biscuit

Can I just say, do you know what sounds better than a burrito at 4 AM in the morning? A breakfast biscuit! Empire Biscuit is gradually becoming a new city favorite boasting it’s delicious and tasty biscuits stuffed with the most precious and delectable jams of all sorts! With affordable prices and a taste-bud extravaganza, you totally need to check out this NYC all-star restaurant.

Tell me how does a Chocolate and Cayenne Butter with Coffee Whipped Cream on a Kiki Biscuit sound?

198 Ave A between 12th and 13th Streets in East Village

10 Spots to Eat After 4AM in New York City

7. Cafeteria

Cafeteria is infamous among the late-night crew in NYC. With thousands of followers on their twitter, Cafeteria is an electric, modern and intimate restaurant where you can get some of the tastiest comfort foods in the world 24/7/ Cafeteria refers to their food options as comfort food with a gourmet twist. For an example, have you ever thought of lemon ricotta pancakes? They are a fan favorite and a personal favorite!

119 7th Ave between 17th and 18th streets in Chelsea

10 Spots to Eat After 4AM in New York City

8. French Roasts

You probably were wondering if I would include any French restaurants on here right? Well here it is! This French 24-Hour eatery is all serving some of the most delicate meals you may think of at 4 AM. For an example, Steak au Poivre for as little as $25. In my opinion though, if you are stopping by French Roasts at 4 AM, I think one of their tasty sandwiches would hit the spot or maybe even a Corque Madames – yum!

2340 Broadway between 84th and 85th Streets on Upper West Side

78 West 11th Street between 5th and 6th Ave in Greenwich Village

10 Spots to Eat After 4AM in New York City

9. Hahm Ji Bach

So if you happen to be dong a NYC Rooftop Crawl and end up in the Flushing area, you totally should check out Hahm Ji Bach, which is a 24 Hour Korean BBQ restaurant. With some of the most delicious and well-known BBQ Short Ribs in the state, you can totally pig out here at 4 AM and not feel any guilt. Just be careful you don’t get any grease or sauce on your Celine bag.

10 Spots to Eat After 4AM in New York City

10. Molino Rojo Restaurant

Living in NYC you have to be familiar with Molino Rojo Restaurant, which is nested right next to Yankee Stadium. This Latin American restaurant is infamous among fans and Rooftop Crawlers life yourself. If you are seek traditional Latin American Dishes at an affordable price, check out the infamous and tasty Molino Rojo Restaurant!

101 East 161st Street, Concourse Village, Bronx.

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