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  • 10 Reasons Why You’re Still Single; Bar Version

10 Reasons Why You’re Still Single; Bar Version

May 5, 2015, 11:21 p.m.

10 Reasons Why You’re Still Single; Bar Version
You’ve been going to bars for well over a year now and each week gets lonelier and lonelier. You have yet to be asked out on a date outside of, “see you next weekend” and your patience is wearing thin. So what might you be doing wrong in the bar scene that you’re still on the market, and there are no prospects lined up? Let’s go over ten reasons why you’re still single.

1. Are you going to the right bars?

Sometimes a change of scenery is all you need to start anew. Try going to the opposite side of town or get on the subway and head to bars in Williamsburg, BK. Try out the bars in Queens and see just how different the ambiance is. You would think you stepped out of the country rather than the city.

2. Are you acting too busy or mentally preoccupied?

Be mindful of what your face is saying without words. Try to keep an upbeat and friendly aura while you’re sipping to invite conversation from admirers.

3. Are you hanging with the right crowd?

When you’re fishing for someone to ask you out, it’s time to play high school cafeteria. If you’re not hanging out with the “cool kids,” no one wants you. Find the crowd that seems to be attracting people over and wiggle yourself in.

4. Do you look single?

Yes, there is a certain “look” to someone who is single. If your outfit looks very conservative, chances are you have a ball and chain that changed your freedom. Even in the way you dress. Let them know you’re not single by sending over a drink.

5. Are you too good to be true?

It’s possible that you really are too good-looking to be single…or so they think. If your mirror at home winks back at you when you’re getting dressed each day, you’re the type that will have to open up conversation so they know you’re approachable.

6. Are you geeking out in convo?

Try to keep conversations light and avoid talking about work unless you’re asked a specific question.

7. Are you dancing crazy?

Ask your friends to give you honest feedback on how you look when you’re dancing. Last thing you want to do is turn someone off with moves that you should only be doing in your bedroom when no one is watching.

8. Are you too sassy?

When you are too sassy people are afraid of what else your personality has in store. Remember that balance is key in social environments so keep it friendly and fun but not so friendly and fun that people want to vomit.

9. Are you the sloppy drinker?

Every bar has the “sloppy drinker.” At least a few so look around and spot them because if you can’t, it’s you. You are drinking the wrong color liquor or too much of the type you like. Try a taste of something new and see if it brings out a new you. A fun you. A sexy you.

10. How private are your social media settings?

So you told the hottie at the bar your name, and now they can’t find you anywhere. If you’re open to dating new people, then it’s time to open up your privacy settings as well. Let them find you!

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