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10 Essential Items to Pack When Traveling

March 23, 2017, 6:54 a.m.

10 Essential Items to Pack When Traveling
This is for all of the travelers who are preparing for their next life-journey vacation! I hope you are excited for this journey because I sure am. After traveling all over, I can say that, from my own experiences, there are a bunch of essential items to pack when traveling that you don’t often think to pack. While some of them may seem quite silly, you might not think they are SO silly when you spill something, break something, lose something, your cell-phone dies or simply forget something. To prepare you for a faultless and flawless vacation, take into consideration these 10 essential items while packing for your next vacation!

Power Strip

How many times have you found yourself in the airport and your cell-phone died and there were no more electrical outlets to charge? If you are a Holiday traveler, you are probably nodding your head. A Power Strip would not only solve your problem, but potential 6-8 other people! At the same time, with recent technology innovations, companies have developed wireless cellphone chargers, Power Banks, where you can charge your phone wirelessly and only have to charge the power bank itself. This is an essential for travels if you plan on using your cell-phone this vacation.

A Bandana

Now, I too thought this was a quite silly notion upon first hearing about this idea, but after a couple trips, I realized a bandana has some true power. A bandana has a plethora of uses from a hand-towel, hair tie to even a sling for a sprained arm! The uses are endless! Rather than judge, embrace!

Moist Towelettes

Moist Towelettes are a complete necessity when it comes to traveling. They are not only made for babies, they are made for you! Moist Towelettes are your personal protection from all things ‘yuck!’ If you don’t have an opportunity to wash your hands in a bathroom, a moist towelette can sanitize your hands and kill any germs. On top of this, you should always clean your hotel room thoroughly and what a better way than moist towelettes! By the way, they also help remove temporary stains that might just

Silicone Travel Bottles

So these TSA-approved mini bottles are honestly one of the coolest inventions in the world! Ladies, and men too, how many times have you come back from traveling and you have a ton of shampoo and soap all over your brand-new luggage. It’s a nice surprise isn’t it? Well, instead of that whole scenario, invest in silicone travel bottles. These bottles are designed to truly hold together the material inside given their squishy nature.

First Aid Supplies

First aid supplies should be a given. Whenever you are traveling short or long, you should always pack a first aid kit of some sort. It’s better to be safe and have supplies, even if you don’t use them, with you always. It’s essential, period!

Laundry Bags

Have you ever taken a trip longer than 7 days and you begin to realize, damn, I need to do some laundry? Or better yet after the first day, you have nowhere to put your dirty laundry? Please don’t say you put it with all of your clean clothes. What you need to invest in is laundry bags! Just like you place your dirty laundry in a hamper or baskets, there is this great essential travel item called a laundry bag for a reason! USE IT!

Copies of Travel Documents

Oooooh. This is a sore-spot for some travelers. I have heard so many stories about people traveling across the United States or the world and forgetting their travel documents back at home. Sadly, those documents siting on your kitchen table are not going to be doing much! The best thing you can do is prepare and pack multiple copies of your travel documents. It does not hurt to be prepared, it actually is a savior (and essential!)


Now, of course you are going to remember packing your money but that’s not what this is about. This is about the essentials of money. Rather than placing all of your money on your credit cards or debit cards, it’s essential to divvy the money up. Create a reserve stash of money that will only be used for certain purposes – in case of emergencies. Also, it’s essential to make sure you communicate with your bank prior to any travel. You totally don’t want your credit-card getting declined because


This can be quite embarrassing for some people but it’s the truth. Pack a pack of razors. I can promise you, if you are shaving your face or legs before your trip, you might need to shave on your trip. Ladies, do you want to be looking like King Kong in the middle of Grand Turk? I think not! Men, do you really want to look like Wolverine? One of the most essential items to pack IS a razor, unless you plan on paying a pretty penny while you're traveling.

Paper Products (Toilet Paper and Tissues)

Yes, yes, yes! Pack paper products like toilet paper and tissues! You never know when you are traveling whether your toilet roulette is going to end in a poor way. Don’t risk having to use the leaves in the woods or having to wipe your nose with a hard piece of paper. Be smart and think essentials. Toilet paper and tissues are essential!

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