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10 Best Things About Day Drinking

June 2, 2015, 5:19 p.m.

10 Best Things About Day Drinking
Day drinking in New York City has become quite fashionable despite what area of NYC you may live in. It seems like the nine to fivers have gone back to the old fad of drinking a martini from a coffee mug to ease the stress of the workday. So why is day drinking in NY so appealing? Here are ten of the best things about day drinking!

1. The Mimosas!

The best brunch venues in New York City will surely serve this delicious blend of orange juice (at least that’s an OK day beverage) with champagne.

2. It’s to your liking

Whenever you’re out with friends or on a date, you tend to drink what they’re drinking or what seems to impress your date. When you’re day drinking, you get to drink whatever your heart desires.

10 Best Things About Day Drinking

3. The world is just funnier

Walking around under the influence heightens your senses. It starts with you wanting to hide the fact that you’ve been drinking, and it makes you focus more. Sometimes a bit too hard. You begin to notice all the things you wouldn’t normally see during the day like the lady who’s walking around with bathroom tissue under her expensive high heels.

4. Shopping!

Now while this one may be one of those, “only a good idea at the moment,” it doesn’t make it any less true. When you’ve been drinking, shopping is an entirely new experience. You can actually tolerate people, and looking at the cashier’s nail designs won’t bother you as much.

5. You become a Philosopher

If you thought that the only time you hash out the deep meaning of life was late night (drunk) at a bar, you are completely mistaken. When you have more energy during the day during the time that your brain is used to functioning productively typically, that’s the when the really good stuff surfaces!

10 Best Things About Day Drinking

6. A Drink in the Park

It’s the # 3 greatest type of day drinking. Period.

7. A Drink on the Beach

The # 2 greatest type of day drinking. Try it.

8. Riding along a lazy river in an inner tube

The # 1 greatest type of day drinking.

10 Best Things About Day Drinking

9. Its not crowded

You can finally drink at that awesome bar that’s ALWAYS crowded when you pass by at night.

10. The toughest business meetings become friendlier

Scheduling a meeting to meet at a classy bar over drinks can bring a lot of ease to a tense work-related issue. People will think with a more relaxed mind and what may generally seem like a serious matter, suddenly has less meaning.

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